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It is our greatest honor to have our clients share their experiences.

11_19 - Andrea

Andrea and Bella

Mindfulness Riding Clinic       


I recently participated in the Mindfuless Rider Clinic through Equinimity Wellness with Andrew Seifer and Jenna Sissi. The clinic was truly AMAZING.  The Welcome message in the workbook ended with the senctence: Enjoy your day, may it change the way you see your horse and yourself forever. For me, it truly did.

The clinic was the perfect mix of yoga, journaling, riding and meditation.  I would love for a follow-up clinic to be even more in depth with more yoga and riding across an entire day. 

Andrew’s kind, peaceful and welcoming energy instantly provided an environment that felt safe and nurturing.  The suggestions he gave around how to increase our own awareness and connection with our horses was practical and achievable.  

I highly recommend this clinic to anyone, in any discipline, who wants to form a better connection and riding experience with their horse.



Thank you again!

Looking forward to future clinics.


Screen Shot 2022-12-13 at 4.09.12 PM.png

Jenna S
Trainer - Cross Creek Stables

Andrews Mindful Rider workshop is by far the most beneficial clinic I’ve seen, participated in and got results from. When I see the change in my students and the rides they have after participating I’m blown away. As an instructor I focus on the horse and rider but when I see what they take away from this clinic it’s incredible. The connection they establish and their new mindset is everything. I’ve seen their hot forward horse walk and trot on a long rein, riders whose confidence is non existent trot their horse with their eyes closed and ride with an arena full of spectators. Neither of which would have happened without this clinic. I’ve received numerous texts and calls about what great rides they’ve had since the clinic. I myself have had better rides and have been able to implement what Andrew taught while teaching lessons. Whether you ride for fun, are an avid show person, or don’t even ride at all, but are around horses, I would encourage you to take this workshop. You will not be disappointed!

11-19 Kristen

Kristen and Gracie

11-19 Kristen

had the most amazing day at the barn with Equinimity Wellness, Andrew Seifert and Jenna Sissi and their Mindful Rider workshop. We did yoga at the barn (yes, at the barn), talked about our intentions and being present with our horses, and then rode our horses and even trotted them with our eyes closed. We finished the day with horse and human BEMER sessions and a guided meditation and then of course a potluck. A great day of horse and human bonding. If you get a chance to participate in one of these workshops, I highly recommend it!!! 

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