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Bringing you and your horse together.

Everyone wants to have a great experience with each horse.

Our mission is to help that occur.

Together, we have  launched this mission to help

riders and horses have better experiences with each other.

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Wellness Practitioner

With an early start in horses at the Seifert's Iron Horse Farm Stables, work with horses was part of day to day life.   Fate returned Andrew to horses when he ran into an old family friend in 2000 at a horse show and was fortunate to get to return to world of horses.   "I walked into the barn and the smell of warm horses and hay told me I was home"

Combining  a background in Yoga and Horsemanship Andrew brings an eye for ease of motion and looks for ways to help both horse and rider find balance.

When not working with horses you can find Andrew leading classes or spending time with his co-parented horse Ruby

Andrew holds the following certifications

  • Registered Yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of teaching time,

  • A Certified Equine Massage Practitioner

  • Certified by both BEMER and the Association of PEMF Professionals, Andrew has delivered over 3000 sessions to horses.



Wellness Practitioner

Kayla grew up in northern Minnesota and her love for horses was evident early on.  She spent every spare moment on, around or talking about horses.  After receiving a degree in Communication at the University of Minnesota, she combined it with her interest in medicine and pursued a career in the medical device industry.  Her connection to horses led her to horse ownership, when she purchased a thoroughbred followed by four miniature horses. Kayla has pursued a variety of different disciplines and equestrian activities, from trailriding, to dressage as well as polo.  She has discovered her passion for equine therapy while using her miniature horses to bring happiness and healing to others in clinical and community situations.  Through this work, she has made it her mission share the benefits of the human-equine connection with others.


Kayla holds the following certifications

  • Certified by both BEMER and the Association of PEMF Professionals,




Wellness Practitioner

Alex Ezaki graduated with a diploma in Shiatsu Therapy from CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic in 2019. After 10 years in the industry, she has managed performance barns, rehabilitation programs,and was the assistant trainer and director of the riding program under Gerard Kirsch in Florida. After sustaining a concussion in 2016, she returned to Minnesota to recover and decided to attend massage school. She specializes in Classical Chinese Medicine theory and functional medicine in humans.
Her goal is to help riders connect with their horses through mindfulness practice, and developing good feel. Her passion is French Classical Dressage, and developing good horse-human communication.

Alex holds the following Certifications

  • Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP)

  • FSM Therapist

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Wellness Practitioner

Melissa has been working with horses for as long as she can remember.  She was introduced to Bemer at a clinic at her barn and has has regular sessions for her horses ever since.

Melissa's keen eye and calm manner helps her students get the most from their horses as well as helps their horses to perform at their best

 Currently she owns and operates Fox Sport Horses and trains out of Vixen Hollow in Northfield, MN

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